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Under Secretary Westphal, OSBP Personnel Participate in Tennessee Valley Industry Small Business Conference Featuring Army Materiel Command

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Army leaders including Dr. Joseph Westphal, Under Secretary of the Army; GEN Dennis Via, AMC Commanding General; and Ms. Tracey Pinson, OSBP Director, spoke at the Tennessee Valley Chapter of the National Defense Industrial Association’s Materiel Enterprise Small Business Conference Nov. 14-15 in Huntsville, AL.

The conference, which was attended by more than 300 businesses from 31 different states, showcased AMC small business opportunities and provided valuable guidance on contracting with AMC, the Army, and the federal government in general.

GEN Via gave an overview on the future of small business contracting at AMC.

Ms. Nancy Small, Associate Director, Office of Small Business Programs, AMC; Mrs. Linda Via; GEN Dennis Via, Commander, AMC; Dr. Joseph Westphal, Under Secretary of the Army; and Ms. Tracey Pinson, Director, Army Office of Small Business Programs.

“There are and will be in my view within Army Materiel Command increased opportunities for small business both at home and abroad,” Via stated.  “[AMC subordinate units] manage systems throughout their entire life cycle from concept to sustainment to divestiture, and all of these commands and activities are invested in small business with direct report to the higher headquarters…They know my focus on small business and the importance that it means to our command and the accomplishment of our mission.”

Ms. Pinson spoke on the Army Small Business Program performance in FY12 as well as FY13 focus areas, to include small business participation in major systems programs, increased involvement of small businesses in Army contracts for services, and implementation of senior leader small business performance elements.

During an evening social, Col. Daniel G. Mitchell, executive officer to the AMC Deputy Commanding General, received the 2012 NDIA-Tennessee Valley Chapter Management Award.

His nomination highlighted Mitchell’s extensive experience as a depot commander at Red River Army Depot. As commander he was instrumental in expanding AMC’s Industrial Capabilities and successfully led his team to improve manufacturing processes, which has resulted in savings to the command in terms of material and labor cost.

The conference also offered break-out sessions, outreach and networking opportunities with Department of Defense, industry and small business representatives.  One of the breakout sessions featured Mr. Anthony Braun, Support Contractor, Army OSBP, who gave a presentation on how small business contractors can use the Federal Procurement Data System – Next Generation as a market research tool.