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Subcontracting Training at Fort Belvoir

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Ms. Peggy Butler, Army OSBP Mentor Protégé and Subcontracting Program Manager provided small business training at the Mission and Installation Contracting Command (MICC)– Fort Belvoir, Va.  Small Business Workshop.   The workshop was hosted by LTC Maria Schneider, Commander/Director Mission Contracting Office and Ms Kay Matthews, MICC Small Business Associate Director.  Attendees comprised MICC acquisition and legal personnel.

Training consisted of an overview of the regulatory and statutory guidelines that mandate the use of Small Business Participation Plan (SBPP) and Small Business Subcontracting Plans (SBSP),  the importance of each plan, when they are required and how they should be  utilized and  enforced to guarantee maximum opportunities for small businesses.

Additional training on the development of SBPP and SBSP proposal evaluation criteria and evaluation techniques is planned at the MICC in the upcoming months.